Jim’s Mail Boss Withstands Prying

We disagree with those who say that a locking mailbox is just to keep honest folks honest. The reality is that dishonest folks are increasingly prying open locking mailboxes to steal mail for identity theft, but a quality secure locking mailbox can prevent them from successfully breaking into your locking mailbox.

For example, consider this photo we received from Jim, who has a Mail Boss locking mailbox. A thief spent a good deal of time trying to pry open his mailbox but was ultimately unsuccessful in gaining access to steal mail.


The reason the Mail Boss mailboxes do more than just keep honest people honest is that it includes a patented anti-pry latch locking system to prevent leveraged entry. While we agree no mailbox is 100% theft proof, if a thief has to spend a great deal of time and energy to gain access to your mailbox, s/he will likely move on to an easier target. Since most locking mailboxes can be pried open in just seconds, a real security mailbox is a wise investment for mail-identity theft prevention.

As for Jim’s Mail Boss, it’s a little “bent out of shape” but the locking system is still in tact, and with some effort, the door can be restored.

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