This section includes information about Mail Boss installation, including articles related to the patented Fast-Trak Mounting Plate featured on MailBoss mailboxes. Whether you need help deciding what kind of mounting post to use, instruction for gang plank installation, or help with your wall mount, we have resources here to guide you. With the innovative Fast-Trak feature, you can quickly and conveniently install the curbside MailBoss mailbox on a MailBoss post, an existing post or gang plank. Wall Mount Mail Boss mailboxes are also easier to install with the Fast-Trak feature.

Note: The Mail Manager does not include or fit the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate.

For USPS Specs on curbside mailbox post installation, click here.

Installation Blog Posts

  • Custom Bronze Mail Boss Package Master Installation

    VanessaYounger_PackageMastersFeaturedWho knew mailboxes could be so beautiful? Vanessa of Younger Design Works in San Rafael, California shared these photos of an amazing custom Bronze Package Master installation. She writes: “We are very happy with our Mail Boss mailboxes. We made an aluminum stand for them and put on combination locks (no keys!) We added some […]

  • PHOTO: Above-Ground Bronze Mail Boss Mailbox Installation

    MyMailBossStuart Grant, an architect and certified general contractor in Miami, shared this photo of his above-ground Mail Boss mailbox installation hoping it might be inspire those wishing to install a curbside mailbox in very hard earth. Stuart writes: “This is a photo of my Mailboss a few minutes after mounting it on the post. Where […]

  • PHOTO: Granite Package Master Installation

    MyMailBossHere are some great shots of a Granite Package Master mailbox installation with a Newspaper Holder and In-Ground Post from Dave in Jersey Shore. The house is not built yet, but when it is, it sure will have some fabulous #curbappeal with this beautiful granite finish! Just wanted to share photos of the Package Master […]

  • PHOTO: Beautiful Brick Column Mail Boss Installation

    MyMailBossLes Bowles from Trophy Club Texas was kind enough to share a photo of his beautiful new brick column featuring a black Mail Boss mailbox. He was inspired by another brick column installation we shared here, and even used the photo as a template for his brick pattern. He writes: “Here’s my new Mail Boss […]

  • FAQ: Upgrading from another locking mailbox, will I need a new post?

    FAQOften times, customers already have a locking mailbox installed on a mailbox post, but for security reasons, want to upgrade to a Mail Boss mailbox. Whether the post is one specifically designed for a locking mailbox, or a standard treated 4×4 wood post, it’s already cemented into the ground; and let’s face it… it’s a […]

  • Just for Fun: Doodle Approved Mailbox Installation!

    just for fun2Here’s a little pick-me-up (or is it a “pic” me up?) to get you through this pre-Memorial Day weekend Hump Day! These cute photos are of Bella, the Miniature Golden Doodle. She is clearly supervising the installation of a Mail Boss Surface Mount Post Package! All Mail Boss mailbox products shown have passed Bella’s rigorous […]

  • How to Lengthen a Mail Boss Mailbox Post

    FAQFor mailbox post installations more than 1′ in the ground So you want to use an In-Ground Post for your mailbox installation, but one foot in the ground just isn’t going to be enough? Sometimes you just need a little more length, and we will cover some things to consider: First, a little general information […]

  • Featured Dealer: Mr. Mailbox of Norwalk

    MrMailbox_BlackMetros_FeaturedLocking Mailbox Installer in Southwest Connecticut Mr. Mailbox of Norwalk services Southwest Connecticut and offers installation of locking mailboxes, including the Mail Boss mailbox line. “For nearly 20 years, Mr Mailbox has specialized in helping people put just the right mailbox in front of their home or business. Our mailboxes and posts are top quality, […]

  • VP Corner: How to Install a Mail Boss in a Column

    FAQThere are so many different types of columns you can build to hold a mailbox, and so many types of materials available, that it is hard for me to give very specific advice on the building of the column.  However, I can give you some basic tips on how to mount our mailboxes in any […]

  • PHOTO: Mixed Mail Boss Mailbox Installation

    Multi-Box Mailbox Install_FeaturedSteve and his neighbors were sick of having their cluster mailboxes broken into, so they decided to get together and install a multi-box Mail Boss mailbox installation to key the mail thieves at bay, once and for all. They all wanted a secure curbside mailbox, but they wanted different Mail Boss models and colors. The […]