You’ve done your research and found your mailbox, but now you have to find a post to go with it. With all the different options out there, including USPS regulations, it can be a daunting task. Well, we’re here to break down your post options and hopefully make it a little easier to pick your post!

Your first stop should be to review the USPS Mailbox Regulations so that you can familiarize yourself with their requirements. Essentially, your mail has to be delivered between 41-45 inches from the ground. This is the ergonomic “sweet spot” that corresponds to the standard USPS delivery vehicle.

This means if you have a Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox mounted on a Mail Boss In-Ground Post, the height at the top of the mailbox (Mail Boss mailboxes receive the incoming mail at the top of the box) needs to be between 41-45 inches from street level. If you have a Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox mounted on a Mail Boss Surface Mount Post, the total height (including the curb) needs to be 41-45 inches from street level. To help visualize the requirements, check out the graphic below:


We know this can be a little complicated but rest assured that Mail Boss has you covered! All of our posts are already designed to fall exactly into the USPS height requirements when installed as recommended with our mailboxes. Perfect height, perfect color match, perfect pair! Shop for your new Locking Security Mailbox and Post today!



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