Homeowners Replace Wyngate with “Superior” MailBoss

Peter from SeaTac contacted us about a group discount for a mailbox order. His neighbors had been using the Gibraltar Wyngate locking mailbox but were looking for an upgrade. So, he got a bunch of people together to purchase Mail Boss secure locking mailboxes. Whenever someone purchases more than 4 Mail Boss units, we can offer special pricing. Since Peter was able to pick up the mailboxes at our location in Redmond, he was able to save even more!

Anyway, Peter was so pleased with the Mail Boss quality and value (especially in comparison to the Gibraltar Wyngate) that he is sharing our Mail Boss at a neighborhood safety meeting! He provided this feedback:

i’ve been invited to speak at a neighborhood safety meeting at the local fire station tomorrow because of my proactive organization of the local mailbox anti-theft group buy.

i’m planning to bring the new mail boss and my old gibraltar wyngate ‘heavy duty steel’ mailbox to point out the differences in design and construction in a side-by-side comparison. the mail boss is so much more superior it’s not even a close comparison. it’s amusing how the ‘heavy duty steel’ wyngate box can be flexed by hand pressure alone, while you can stand on the mail boss and safely use it as a step stool.

i’ll mention the 20% discount for local pickup.

oh, i’ve put some reflectors on my mail boss to make it easier for friends to find my driveway, the flat surface and cube-like shape of the box makes it perfect for reflectors and stickers!



When we inquired how the neighborhood safety meeting went, Peter offered:

it went great!  everyone was really impressed by the difference between a common ‘high security’ locking mailbox which provides a false sense of security, and the real-deal mail boss which is actually secure.

after my presentation to my neighbors, a local police officer mentioned that his mail was also stolen so he replaced his home mail box with a mail boss three years ago and hasn’t had mail stolen since!

Often times, people are blissfully unaware that their “locking mailbox” offers little more than a moment of annoyance to a thief with a screwdriver. We share this kind of feedback only because our goal is to provide homeowners with the information in order to make useful comparisons between the available locking mailboxes on the market.

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