Holiday Mail-Identity Thefts – December 2014

December is by far the worst month for mail theft, and the reason is obvious. Opportunistic thieves know that people are sending goodies and gifts in the mail. They target unlocked mailboxes, locking mailboxes and porches alike to grab what they can get, and steal Christmas. As you can see by the prevalence of mail and package theft over the holidays, thieves were busy. In fact, there were hundreds – yes, hundreds – of reports of stolen mail, mail fraud, and identity theft last month alone.

Newspapers and TV stations in all but a handful of states reported, over and over again, an increase in mail theft, and warned homeowners to take precautions. The most important thing you can do to protect yourself is use a high security locking mailbox; and, if you send or receive packages via the USPS, you may want to consider a locking package mailbox like the Package Master or Mail Manager.

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Without further ado, here are the mail-identity theft reports from December 2014.

Dec. 1:

Dec. 2:

Dec. 3:

Dec. 4:

A Bellevue man has been accused of stealing mail packages worth about $23,000.

Joseph Lee Carr (Source: Louisville Metro Corrections)

Dec. 5:

Dec. 7:

Sarah Boles

Dec. 8:

A thief has been stealing Christmas gifts from Columbus mailboxes.

The Greogry family found an envelope torn open.

Dec. 9:


The man in this picture (provided) is a suspect in a series of thefts from Lexington mailboxes.

Dec. 10:

Bluffs thefts

Dec. 11:

Dec. 12:

First incident: This suspect is seen approaching a home to allegedly steal from it and hides his face in sunglasses as he marches forward with a red clipboard

Police arrested a man accused of stealing packages in Lexington late Thursday night.

Dec. 13:

Dec. 14:

Dec. 15:

Dec. 16:


Dec. 17:

Lexington police say a man was caught on camera stealing a package from outside of a Lexington home.

Deputies find bags of stolen mail

Dec. 18:

Photo: Flickr user, Reuben

Dec. 19:

Police: Vernal woman arrested with car full of stolen mail, packages

  • BEAUFORT COUNTY, South Carolina: WSAV 3 – Beaufort County Neighbors Victims of Mail Theft

Both thefts were caught on surveillance video. (Source: Matthew Kane)

Dec. 20:

Dec. 21:

Dec. 22:

A 23 year-old Bellevue man accused of stealing packages from homes in Bellevue, Bennington, Ralston, LaVista, and Omaha appeared in a Sarpy County courtroom today.

Dec. 23:

Dec. 24:

Stolen mail

Dec. 25:


Dec. 26:

Jeremy Webb tried to escape across Lake Sammamish in a stolen kayak, without taking the paddle. Webb and Desiree Segar were wanted for mail theft but Webb was caught when resident Nolan Conway gave chase in his own kayak.

Dec. 27:

Dec. 28:

Christmas cards

Dec. 29:

Dayquan Jackson

Dec. 30:

Police: Woman Tried To Deposit Check Stolen From Mailbox


Dec. 31:

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