HGTV Chooses Mail Manager Street safe as their pick for Best Security Mailbox!

HGTV. Yes, THAT HGTV, everyone’s favorite go to channel for all things home improvement, selected the Mail Manager Street Safe Latitude as their pick for best security mailbox in their article 10 Top-Rated Mailboxes for Security and Style. Sure, they may have written the article on April 1st, but neither of us are fool’n around about the level of security, style and convenience we packed into the newest addition to our locking security mailbox line-up. Check out this excerpt from their article or read the whole thing on their website, and be sure to pick up one of our award winning locking mailboxes today!

10 Top-Rated Mailboxes for Security and Style

You’ve got mail! Keep it safe with one of these best-selling mailbox designs.

By: Maria Conti

Few joys compare to that of a good mail day. You know the type. The days you receive an unexpected, heartfelt note from a friend or that highly-anticipated package. Good mail days are happy days and we must protect them at all costs. And that’s where a new mailbox comes in.

If your receptacle has seen better days, it’s time to invest in something new. Your mailbox is the link between your household, all the confidential personal information within it, and the outside world. It’s paramount that your mailbox offers the security necessary for your lifestyle and looks good doing it. Below, we’ve rounded up the 10 best mailboxes in every design style, privacy style and price point.

Treat yourself to one of these top-rated mailboxes to enjoy a good mail day in approximately 5-7 business days. But, first, read our mailbox shopping tips below.

Shop for Security: Keep your private documents and pricey packages safe from sticky fingers with a locking mailbox. There are serval locking mechanisms on the market, such as keyed locks, wafer locks, baffle doors and anti-pick systems. Locking mailboxes are available in wall-mounted, post-mounted and freestanding variations to best suit your needs and style.

Consider Location: Determine where you plan to install your new mailbox. Will your mailbox be open to the elements (and passersby) at the end of your driveway or wall-mounted by your front door under the covered porch? Use the location as your guide to select the best material for your mailbox and the privacy levels it requires for your peace of mind.

Find Your Style: Embrace your architecture with a mailbox that shares similar lines and finishes. Modern and midcentury homes will look dapper with sleek, horizontal mailboxes, while a traditional Georgian home will wow with a freestanding columned design.

Best Security Mailbox: Mail Boss Locking Double-Door Mailbox

This double-door mailbox came by its spot on our shopping in earnest. The top-rated Mail Boss Street Safe mailbox has more than 1,200 five-star reviews because of its sharp silhouette and top-notch security. This steel-crafted mailbox features dual doors and commercial-grade locks to keep your correspondence out of reach.

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