Give the Gift of Financial Security

5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas that Offer Financial Security and Won’t Break the Bank!

Who really needs another coffee mug, candle, or video game for the Holidays? This year, with the economy officially in a recession, give the people you love a gift they can really use—a sense of financial security.

I know what you’re thinking: Financial gifts are about as exciting as a Cuban election. But here are six creative gift ideas for the adults and kids in your life that they just may appreciate. These gifts will provide your loved ones with financial knowledge and money-management skills, safeguard their financial security, and maybe even provide a little entertainment value!

1. The Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox

curbside_mailboss_black Give the gift of peace of mind and mail security with the Mail Boss locking security mailbox for ultimate mail and identity theft protection. The MailBoss mailbox can’t be pried open like other locking mailboxes, and with its 12- and 14-gauge powder-coated galvanized steel construction, its built to last for decades! Available for $199 online and $149-$169 in a store near you, the MailBoss won’t break your bank, and just may save the bank of the lucky recipient of this “recession proof” holiday gift.

2. Monopoly – A Classic Boardgame

monopoly_game_box_cover Monopoly real estate trading games ($12-$35) are fun to play at any age, and educate children in finance and real estate matters. Kids will learn money management skills including counting, adding, budgeting and negotiating. This classic board game also teaches some valuable lessons about personal finance; for example, investments earn income!

3. A Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

paper-shredding-machine1 Help the people you love protect their most valuable asset: their identity. Ripping up personal documents with sensitive information just won’t cut it—resourceful identity thieves have been known to piece them back together. There are many models available for relatively low cost ($45-$65). Look for a cross-cut model for ultimate security so pieces are illegible and can’t be reassembled. (See our review of the Powershred P-57Cs by Fellowes here). As a bonus, the shredded paper is great for safely packaging delicate items!

4. Financial Page Turners

MoneyBooks Help the young adults in your life to get a solid understanding of personal finance with one of these financial page turners. These easy-to-understand books provide practical money smarts and a healthy dose of “kick-in-the-pants” inspiration:

  • Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties By Beth Kobliner ($15)

    This collection of life’s basic fiscal lessons is practically a financial Bible for the twenty- and thirty-somethings. It includes helpful information on buying insurance, paying off debt, buying a home, saving money on taxes, managing daily finances, and investing for the long term.

  • Debt-Free By 30 By Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck ($14)

    This book, written by self-described money misfits who spent their twenties piling up debt, is a first-hand tale of the path to financial freedom. Filled with light jokes and blunt language, this book is a kick in the behind for financial slackers. It covers the basics of paying debt and gives you the tools to pull it off.

5. Piggy Bank

piggy-bank Teach young kids the value of a penny saved with the Money Savvy Pig from ($16). This four-chamber piggy bank has compartments for savings, investing, spending and donating. Small kids will think it’s especially fun to pick up spare coins lying around and drop them in the brightly colored banks for savings, investing, spending or donating. It’s never too early to learn how to save money!


  1. Jenny on December 4, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    Uggh, just wrote my whole comment and it got deleted, so frustrating. TAKE 2.

    Miss Monica,

    I suppose cheating has its own financial lessons? Of course, I can’t speak to this since I have never attempted (let alone mastered) cheating at Monopoly, cards, Pictionary, anything really… oh, how you’ve failed me!

    I do think Monopoly has some valuable lessons, though. For example, if you go to jail you lose time and money. Some people play with “House Rules” — perhaps we should make one.. if caught cheating you go to jail.. just like in the real world! (Shout out to Enron Bigwigs)

    Then again, maybe you’re right and Monopoly doesn’t belong on this list after all. I was never much of a fan anyway.

  2. Jessica on December 4, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    I have never thought that Monopoly is a cheater’s game. In fact, I picked
    one up for my 5 year nephew as a gift for this coming Christmas.

    Hmm? Should I return? 🙂


  3. Miss Monica on December 4, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    Definitely not. Great game for any kid. Just make sure you keep your eye on him! And I’ll be happy to share with you some of my secrets. 😉

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