FAQ: Are the Wall Mount Flags Universal?

One question we often get is how the wall mount flag replacements work. If you have a Metro or Townhouse already, you know they are very easy to mount: The wall mount flag simply sticks onto the mailbox with some super heavy-duty 3M tape.

However, if you are considering this flag for another brand of mailbox you may wonder if it will work for your particular model. Here’s a common question we get:

“I’m looking for a flag I can attach to my wall mounted mailbox. Currently there is no place holder or slot for a flag at all. I’m wondering whether this one is magnetic that I can just put on my mailbox. Thanks!”

No, the flag is not magnetic but it is very universal. It can be easily attached to any mailbox with a flat (not curved) surface. It is also available with a black or white casing, and costs only $5. Shop the universal wall mount flags here.

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