Dealer of the Week – Junction True Value

West Seattle True Value features the Mail Boss locking mailbox

Mail theft is on the rise nationwide, and Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna has acknowledged that while mail theft used to be relatively uncommon, it is now a common method for perpetuating identity theft in Washington state.

Residents of West Seattle are not immune to the growing problem of mail identity theft. Recently, numerous incidents of mail theft in West Seattle have been reported. (Read homeowners’ accounts of brazen mail theft in their neighborhoods on the West Seattle Blog here and here.)

With the vigilance of West Seattle residents, police may be able to apprehend the suspect(s) responsible for the increase in mail theft in the community. However, the stark reality is that mail theft is a growing problem, and it is not going away any time soon.

For individuals living in the neighborhood of West Seattle (or any area plagued by mail theft, for that matter), the first line of defense against mail identity theft is a secure locking mailbox. Residents in West Seattle need only go to their neighborhood Junction True Value to find the Mail Boss locking security mailbox, and with it, peace of mind.

Junction True Value, owned and operated by the Davis family for over 50 years, has a long history of providing quality products to homeowners and businesses in West Seattle. With the epidemic of mail identity theft in the Seattle area and nationwide, Junction True Value now offers its customers a secure solution to mail identity theft prevention.

Junction True Value has been carrying the Mail Boss since 2007, and store manager Dave raves that it is “a great product.” For those with unlocked mailboxes looking to protect yourself, your name, and identity, the West Seattle neighborhood Junction True Value is conveniently located at:

  • 4747 44th Ave SW
    Seattle, WA 98116
    (206) 932-0450

The Mail Boss locking security mailbox is available at Junction True Value in curbside and wall-mount styles, and in black, granite, bronze and white. Posts and additional accessories are also available.


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