Dealer of the Week: Anacortes Ace

Ace Hardware of Anacortes, WA features the Mail Boss

Anacortes is a quiet coastal town nestled in the San Juan islands that has recently attracted a burgeoning tourism industry, and with it, a growing problem: identity theft. Ranked 46th in the nation for identity theft, the community is now coming to terms with this problem and seeking ways to address it.

Police Chief Bowers recently explained, “When it was just a little town, we dealt with the occasional bar fight, family disputes, the rare burglary at a residence. Now most of our work is surrounding the retail community — credit card fraud, car prowls. In addition because of the meth epidemic, a lot of those meth abusers are committing crimes in order to further their drug addiction. A lot of those are identity theft and stealing.” (The Argus, 2/29/08)

In an effort to promote identity theft awareness, the community has hosted a number of events including Shred Days, where officials answer questions about how to protect yourself from identity theft, and shred consumers’ mail for free. As many people may not consider, you cannot shred sensitive material (often mail) you do not receive, and as such a locking mailbox is a fundamental element — in fact, the first defense — in identity theft protection.


Ace Hardware of Anacortes understands that identity theft protection starts with a secure mailbox, and proudly carries the Mail Boss locking security mailbox product line:

  • Ace Hardware of Anacortes
    1720 W. Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221
    (360) 293-3535

Recently, Ace Hardware of Anacortes offered San Juan Islanders a great discount on the Mail Boss locking mailbox, featured in the Anacortes American and reprinted below.


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