Custom Bronze Mail Boss Package Master Installation

Who knew mailboxes could be so beautiful?

Vanessa of Younger Design Works in San Rafael, California shared these photos of an amazing custom Bronze Package Master installation.


She writes:

“We are very happy with our Mail Boss mailboxes. We made an aluminum stand for them and put on combination locks (no keys!) We added some perforated aluminum and stainless accents behind the laser cut acrylic address numbers.

Thanks for making such a great product! These boxes are over a year old and the still look brand new.”

We think this is the most beautiful modern mailbox installation we’ve seen!

VanessaYounger_PackageMasters2_editedWe followed up to inquire about the combination locks, because we often get requests for them and we only have one model available.

Vanessa shared:

“We wanted nice looking locks that were easy to use. It took awhile but I finally found them. We also had to add a strike plate to the mailbox, but that was pretty straight forward. We riveted on 2 mm thick plate – took about 15 minutes all in. They lock automatically when you shut them.”

The model of combination lock that Vanessa used is here.

CompX RegulatoR Electronic Push Button Cabinet & Drawer Lock | Self-Locking, Horizontal Mount


It’s great to know that there are other options besides the standard combi-locks that will work well (and look fabulous) on the Mail Boss mailboxes.

Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing these photos for our #MyMailBoss Gallery!


  1. Linda Gibb on April 2, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    These are so beautiful, if you offered a box like this…I would love it!!! AND, so would my friends!

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