Curbside Comparison: Tool Fishing Resistance

Tool fishing refers to removing mail from a locking mailbox with the use of a tool, usually a claw or tong like device, or a pole with a sticky substance on the end of it. It can take a lot of effort and some finesse, so usually tool-fishing thieves will target locking mailboxes they believe will have significant amounts of sensitive mail. This is the method most commonly used to steal mail from the blue USPS collection mailboxes.

Any locking mailbox is vulnerable to tool fishing: Mail has to go in somewhere, so obviously with the right tool it can be removed from that somewhere as well.

Of course, some mailboxes are far easier to fish than others. Locking mailboxes typically have either a slot design with mail deposited through an incoming mail slot, or a bin design with mail and packages placed in a bin and deposited inside the mailbox when the bin is closed.

Shorter mailboxes with large incoming mail slots are the easiest to fish with a tool, as there is only one opening to navigate, and less distance to reach the mail. Bin designs present a bit more of a challenge for tool fishers as the pivotal movement of the bin can require greater finesse to manage. Finally, bin designs with other impediments (such as exceptional height or interior obstructions like claws or baffles) are the most difficult to fish with a tool. With greater distance to the mail goodies, or additional moving parts to circumvent, tool fishing is more challenging.

Evaluating the tool fishing resistance of Epoch Design’s curbside mailboxes, it is first important to understand that the Mail Boss features a slot design, while the Mail Manager and the Package Master feature a bin design.

The Mail Boss receives a “Good” rating in terms of tool fishing resistance. The incoming mail slot of the Mail Boss is only 1.9″ in height (just big enough to accept a box of checks) and the mailbox is 13.75″ tall, so while you can reach your hand into the incoming mail slot, it can be challenging to reach a tool down into the mailbox due to the height of the box and the angle required.

The Mail Manager receives a “Better” rating: It features a bin design that makes it more challenging for operating a tool in the mail compartment area. This design also makes it more difficult to remove the mail past the bin.

The Package Master receives the “Best” rating: Due to the patented “Mail Shield” technology that prevents hand fishing, the hand operating the tool must work within the confines of the bin or outside of the box. There is only a very small slot 1.25″ in height for inserting a tool and removing mail.

No other residential locking mailbox on the market has this baffle feature!

In conclusion, because the Package Master features this innovative baffle, it provides the greatest protection against tool fishing. The Mail Manager provides significant protection too, and the Mail Boss is a good defense.

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