Curbside Comparison: Pry Resistance

Evaluating the pry resistance of Epoch Design’s curbside mailboxes, there is very little difference among the models. Due to the overall heavier-duty construction of the Mail Boss Curbside and Package Master, they rate slightly better than the Mail Manager, though:

PrintAll Mail Boss mailboxes include a patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism that make them exceedingly difficult to pry open. Here is how it works:

The lock cam is made of a hardened chrome-alloy steel that, when the lock is engaged, hooks on to a stainless steel pin that is welded to the inside of the mailbox through two pieces of 14-gauge steel. Reinforcing that two-point contact is a 14-gauge steel anti-pry bar that is welded to the inside of the mailbox door. When a screwdriver or other tool is used to pry open the door, the anti-pry bar reinforces the cam.

anti pry 2 - bronze
Those three points working in consortium to prevent the cam from bending or breaking, which is usually what happens when locking mailboxes are pried open. Therefore, in order to get into the Mail Boss mailboxes via prying, the actual door of the mailbox must be substantially bent enough to allow someone to reach inside. This, too, is made more difficult by the patented anti-pry system, as the anti-pry bar actually makes the door stronger and more resistant to folding.

So, because the Mail Manager is made of 14- and 16-gauge galvanized steel whereas the Mail Boss and Package Master are made of 12- and 14-gauge galvanized steel, it is a little less pry resistant. Still, look how the Mail Manager holds up to sustained prying attempts:

In conclusion, all of the Mail Boss mailboxes are very pry resistant and far surpass the anti-pry security of other locking mailboxes. To view countless anecdotes of customers who have Mail Boss curbside mailboxes that have withstood prying attempts, check out our testimonials.


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    How much are your mailboxes. I think the mailboss may work the best for my situation

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