Mail storage capacity refers to how much mail a mailbox can hold without being “full” so that no more mail can be deposited.

Of course, the amount of time that it takes for a mailbox to be full depends on a number of factors, including the volume as well as the type (catalogs, parcels, etc.) of mail you receive However, we can compare the relative mail storage capacity of the Mail Boss curbside mailboxes.


The Package Master is the biggest of the curbside mailboxes, so from first glance, you might think that the Package Master had the largest mail storage capacity. Not so… In fact, the Mail Boss Curbside holds the most mail!


Because the Mail Boss has a slot design, less space is occupied by the incoming mail door so more space is left for the mail storage area. That is why the Mail Boss has the largest mail storage capacity of all the curbside models, even though it is not as large as the Package Master.

The Package Master has a similar design to the Mail Manager, but has a larger mail storage capacity because it is a much bigger box overall.

The Mail Manager has the smallest mail storage capacity, but still rates as “good” as it can easily hold several days worth of mail for the average family.