Curbside Comparison: Ease of Installation

Ease of installation, quite simply, refers to how easy your mailbox is to install. Here is a comparison of ease of mailbox installation for Mail Boss curbside mailboxes:

Mail Boss mailboxes can be installed on a wood post, a metal post, a Mail Boss post, a wood plank, in a column, or in a variety of other applications.

When installing a typical mailbox, one must work from inside the confines of the box to attach the mailbox to the mounting surface (typically a post) securing bolts at the floor of the mailbox. There are various widgets that make this more or less difficult, and of course the size of the box is a factor as well; but at the end of the day, the limiting factor is that you must use your tools (a wrench or a power drill, usually) inside of the mailbox itself.

Not so with the Mail Boss Curbside and the Package Master! These curbside locking mailbox models both feature the exclusive patented Fast-Trak Mounting Plate.

Fact: No other mailbox can be installed as easily as these. Here’s how it works:

Installing the Mail Boss Curbside or a Package Master with the use of a Fast-Trak Mounting Plate is a simple three-step process:

  1. Unlock the mailbox, remove the two machine screws connecting the mailbox to the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate, and slide the mounting plate off of the mailbox.
  2. Attach the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate using the four bolts provided to your mounting surface of choice using any of the holes in the mounting plate.
  3. Slide the mailbox onto the mounting plate and secure the mailbox to the plate using the two machine screws behind the locking access door.

If this sounds complicated, trust us: it’s not! Once you are finished installing a mailbox with the Fast-Trak Design you will think, “Wow, that was easy!”

For this reason, the Mail Boss Curbside and the Package Master, which both include the patented Fast-Trak Mounting Plate, receive the rating of “Best” in this comparison.

PrintThe Mail Manager, which does not include the Fast-Trak, is a little more difficult to install. However, it includes some features that make it easier to install than your run-of-the mill mailbox, so it receives the rating of “Better”.

For example, the Mail Manager comes with a floor liner that shows the hole pattern on the bottom of the mailbox, so you can select your hole pattern and pre-drill your holes without working inside of the box. Then, use the four mounting bolts provided with the Mail Manager to install your mailbox onto your mounting surface of choice.

We believe installing a mailbox shouldn’t be a weekend project, so we have thoughtfully incorporated ease of installation features into the design of all of our locking mailboxes!


  1. calvin jones on March 13, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    Yes it was very easy to install and now my neighbors are asking me about this mailbox.

  2. Jenny on March 18, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    Thank you for the feedback. We sent you an email with a coupon code to share with your neighbors!

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