CNN: Bernanke ID Theft Scheme Involves Mail Theft

Big news today: The Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was one of 500 identity theft victims in a recent bank fraud scheme. It started when his wife’s handbag was stolen. This is in line with something we all should know by now – the majority of identity theft occurs via low-tech methods such as stolen wallets, purses, and mail. (For a refresher on this fact, go here).

The Bernanke identity theft story, covered by CNN here, just goes to show you that identity theft is serious business. The investigation has led to the indictment of 22 individuals, who worked in a highly organized fashion to steal the identities of over 500 victims.

From CNN:  “The scheme was said to involve ‘pickpocket theft, mail theft, theft from businesses, and corrupt employees who helped the accused obtain bank account information, according to an affidavit filed in support of the charges and arrest warrants.” (Emphasis added)

This highly profile identity fraud scam further underscores the need for complete vigilance in identity theft protection. A fundamental element in preventing identity theft is using a high security locking mailbox to protect the personal information that comes in your mailbox.

For more information on choosing a security locking mailbox to prevent mail identity theft, go here.

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