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Investing in security products is investing in peace of mind. We believe it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to create a truly secure product for their customers; however, that is not always the reality. In this section, we feature some other quality security products — in addition to the Mail Boss, of course — that consumers may like!

Retail Response to Down Economy: The Survivors & the Deer

I have a unique perspective on the retail hardware domain and have observed some notable trends in response to this down econmy. Specifically, I have witnessed 2 kinds of hardware retailers: the “Survivors” and the “Deer”. I purport this: First and foremost, in this economy the “Survivors” (and not the “Deer”) will thrive. Why? Because […]

Paper Shredder: A Dumpster Diver’s Bad Dream!

One common way thieves perpetuate identity theft is by stealing your personal information through dumpster diving, or sorting through your trash. Just what are they looking for? Anything with your personal information, including credit card statements, electricity bills, and so on. One simple thing you can do to protect yourself from dumpster diving identity thieves […]

Give the Gift of Financial Security

5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas that Offer Financial Security and Won’t Break the Bank! Who really needs another coffee mug, candle, or video game for the Holidays? This year, with the economy officially in a recession, give the people you love a gift they can really use—a sense of financial security. I know what you’re […]

LifeLock and ID Theft Protection

A review of LifeLock identity theft insurance If you have been paying attention, you know that identity theft is a real problem. According to Identity Theft Labs, the number of Americans who have had their private and personal information compromised is staggering: over 217,000,000 in three years, resulting in 10 million victims every year. Because […]

Uni-Ball 207 Checks Out!

We love this pen, with ink resistant to check washing Sending checks is risky business. After all, every check has your name, address, bank routing number and account number on it, and comes complete with your signature! In addition to providing a wealth of information to potential identity thieves, the checks themselves can be washed […]

Does It Really Take a Thief?

Discovery Channel’s duo Johnston and Douglas miss the mailbox In the popular Discovery Channel show “It Takes A Thief,” duo Matt Johnston and Jon Douglas display their keen aptitude for breaking into seemingly safe and secure residential homes, often surprising the homeowners with their ingenious methods. It would seem that there is no doubt they […]