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Product: Package Master

Curbside Comparison: Hand Fishing Resistance

Hand fishing refers to reaching into a locking mailbox and removing mail by hand. Locking mailboxes typically have either a slot design with mail deposited through an incoming mail slot, or a bin design with mail and packages placed in a bin and deposited inside the mailbox when the bin is closed. The vulnerability of…

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UPDATE: Package Master Online in All Colors

Here’s a quick update! We finally have the Package Master locking mailbox in stock and ready to purchase online. Phew!! It’s been quite the process, but they’re here and they look great! We currently have the Package Master in black, granite, white and galaxy (new) in our warehouse, and bronze will be in within a…

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Curbside Comparison: Mail Storage Capacity

Mail storage capacity refers to how much mail a mailbox can hold without being “full” so that no more mail can be deposited. Of course, the amount of time that it takes for a mailbox to be full depends on a number of factors, including the volume as well as the type (catalogs, parcels, etc.)…

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Curbside Comparison: Ease of Installation

Ease of installation, quite simply, refers to how easy your mailbox is to install. Here is a comparison of ease of mailbox installation for Mail Boss curbside mailboxes: Mail Boss mailboxes can be installed on a wood post, a metal post, a Mail Boss post, a wood plank, in a column, or in a variety…

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Mail Boss Package Master: How It Works

Many people have asked us how we have a commercial locking mailbox that can accept packages, but doesn’t allow you to reach your arm in to steal mail and parcels. Well it’s not easy to explain, so we thought it’d be best to show you how our revolutionary patent-pending Mail Shield technology works on video.…

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Press Release: Mail Boss at National Hardware Show

Epoch Design to Showcase the New Mail BossTM Package Master Locking Mailbox at National Hardware Show Booth #37538, May 5-7, 2009 Download .pdf of Press Release here. REDMOND, Washington (April 28, 2009) — Epoch Design, LLC, manufacturer of the Mail BossTM locking security mailbox and innovative provider of USPS approved security mailboxes in the U.S.,…

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