Question from Mail Boss Locking Mailbox Dealer in Stamford, CT Recently, we received an email from a new Mail Boss locking mailbox dealer in Stamford Connecticut, where they have very cold winters. Bob from Karp’s True Value wrote: Hi! I work at Karp’s True Value Hardware in Stamford, CT. We just began carrying your locking…

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Which Mounting Post is Right for my Mail Boss?

When contemplating this question, there are two USPS installation requirements for curbside delivery mailboxes that must be considered:

1. The base of the incoming mail slot (where the mail person actually inserts your mail into your mail box) must be 41” to 45” vertically above the road surface on which the mail delivery vehicle stops to deliver your mail.

2. The front of the mailbox must be located 6” to 8” back from the edge of the road surface.

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For Mounting more than 4 MailBoss Mailboxes, use a Gang Plank!

When you need to mount more than 4 MailBoss locking mailboxes in a line, you have two options: (1) You can order additional MailBoss posts and spreader bars; or (2) You can mount these additional security mailboxes on a gang plank.

A gang plank is a level wooden structure that should be strong enough support, secure and protect as many mailboxes as can fit on its surface length. Many people attach roofs to these gang planks to minimize the impact of various environmental conditions on the surfaces of their mailboxes and the gang plank.

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