Brad Upgrades Mailsafe II with #BetterByBoss

Brad in Henderson, NV found Mail Boss and the #BetterByBoss offer when searching for a more secure mailbox after his Mailsafe II mailbox by Solar Group was pried open. He wrote to us:

“So yesterday I came home from vacation to find that my locking mailbox was pried open, and out of frustration I immediately starting searching for a new, and most importantly, stronger mailbox. That’s when I came across your website […] and this #BetterByBoss promotion and I knew I had to contact you.

I’ve always had issues with not only mail theft which prompted me to originally buy a locking mailbox, but also lazy mail carriers not closing the box or placing the mail all the way in, and kids messing with and damaging the mailboxes I had up. I’m tired of it. The post office doesn’t seem to care despite providing screenshots from security video of kids opening and messing with the mailbox so here I am looking for something that can withstand the abuse and hopefully last longer than the previous mailboxes. […] It’s ridiculous. I cringe when I know I need something mailed to me and I’m waiting on it because I never know whats going to happen with that mailbox.

I have attached a photo of the damaged mailbox I currently have hope I’m hoping this promotion is still valid and that I qualify for it because I’m ready to upgrade my mailbox to something that’s even stronger.”

Here is the photo Brad shared of his burglarized Mailsafe II locking mailbox:

Solar Group Mail Safe II Pried Open The Mailsafe II looks like a regular mailbox, but behind the mailbox door there is an incoming mail slot and a locking access compartment. As you can see, the thief was able to bend the metal back allowing access to the “secure” mail area.

Of course, nothing is theft proof, but the #BetterByBoss mailbox offer exists to help victims of mailbox burglary replace a locking mailbox that has been pried open with locking mailbox that is more difficult to pry open, namely, a curbside mailbox by Mail Boss.

Grant followed up with us to add:

“I’d also like to say that I think it’s awesome that you all stand by your product and are willing to do a promotion like this to help out those who are in need of a new mailbox. I will most definitely pass on the information about these mailboxes. I know that it’s only a mailbox, but I actually look forward to the upgrade! Especially seeing how easy it was to bend that metal on the previous mailbox I had.”

Grant now has a new Mail Manager PRO with the #BetterByBoss offer. To find out more about this promotion, go here.

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