Bob Upgrades Oasis Jr with #BetterByBoss

Bob in Olympia, Washington had his locking mailbox pried open several times and contacted us about getting a more secure mailbox. He wrote:

“I offered to send you photos of my [mailbox]. It has been broken into several times – pried open. I live on a rural, secluded road near a college campus. I need a mail boss that can withstand repeated attempts to break it open. Size doesn’t matter – which one(s) would you recommend?”

Here are the photos he shared of his burglarized mailbox.


It’s an Oasis Jr locking mailbox by Architectural Mailboxes. We have shown that this mailbox can be pried open in seconds with a common screwdriver.

Of course, no mailbox is theft proof, but the #BetterByBoss mailbox offer exists to help victims of mailbox burglary replace a locking mailbox that has been pried open with locking mailbox that is more difficult to pry open, namely, a curbside mailbox by Mail Boss.

With Bob’s history of having his mailbox broken into, we recommended the Mail Boss Curbside. It is one of our toughest mailboxes, made of 12- and 14-gauge FeZn steel and weighing 40 lbs. Plus, it includes the patented anti-pry latch locking system which helps prevent leveraged entry.

To find out more about this promotion, go here.

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