See Why the Mail Boss is the Ultimate in Mail Security

The Mail Boss locking security mailbox by Epoch Design is your best line of defense against the epidemic of mail theft and identity theft. Most locking mailboxes appear secure, but offer only a moment of deterrence to mail thieves. Competitors offer “secure” mailboxes made of thin metal such as 18-gauge or 20-gauge steel, aluminum, or plastic – inferior materials that can be easily violated – and with locks that can be picked or pried open without difficulty.

This video demonstrates the inferior quality and security of many competitors’ locking mailboxes. They can be opened with a simple screwdriver, and some even by hand! But not the Mail Boss! Virtually impenetrable, its patented positive door locking system and anti-pry latch prevent would-be mail and identity thieves from accessing components of the locking mechanism. Made of 12-gauge and 14-gauge powder-coated galvanized steel, the Mail Boss will not bend or break.

The USPS approved MailBoss delivers unrivaled security and protection against mail theft, identity theft, and vandalism, and is the most affordable security mailbox available. With the innovative patent-pending Fast-Trak Mounting Plate, homeowners can install the Mail Boss in just minutes, and without compromising security.