powershred-shredderAs Americans have become increasingly aware of the prevalence of identity theft, paper shredders have become a household item. When looking for paper shredders, it is important not to skimp out on an cheap-o shredder that will jam or break easily. But who wants to drop a pretty penny on a paper shredder?

For less than $100, though, there is a paper shredder that is a cut above the rest. The Powershred P-57Cs by Fellowes, priced around $55, is a great value. In consumer reviews, it scores highest amongst comparably priced “confetti” shredder machines. The Powershred’s steel cutters slices and dices 8 sheets per pass and up to 160 pages in a day into 5/32” x 2” cross-cut particles. This shredding actionwill prevent even the most determined dumpster-diving identity thieves from collecting your personal information. The P-57Cs also handles credit cards and staples. Plus, it features a patented safety sensor, which stops the shredder immediately when it senses hands to close – a great feature for households with young ones running around.

Fellowes, manufacturer of the Powershredder P-57Cs, is a family-owned company that invented the personal shredder in 1990. At Mail Boss, we like what they are doing with the personal P-57Cs paper shredder. But remember what the venerable paper shredder is protecting: among other things, your sensitive mail! And it is always important to protect your mail at its source with a quality locking mailbox.