I was just looking at our Mail Boss locking security mailbox video on YouTube. I was thrilled to see that at the time of this posting we have over 30,000 views! Perusing the comment thread, I can see that there is a great deal of confusion about how your mail is delivered with a locking mailbox in general and the Mail Boss security mailbox specifically.

Living and breathing MailBoss mailboxes, I often take for granted that the average person will understand exactly how they work. But I now realize that for many people, the concept of a locking mailbox is quite novel, so I will take a few minutes to answer a question we are commonly asked:

“Will my mail carrier need a key to deliver my mail to my new locking mailbox?”

I saw in the YouTube comment thread:

obeseotters (1 month ago): ok so how does the mailman open it? does he have a key that works on all boxes?”

Another user responded:

MyMultimedia (4 weeks ago) YES! In the middle of every locking mailbox, the keyhole has a circle that doesn’t belong on the mailbox owners key. The mailmans key has that circle, which works on all boxes. If it didn’t have that circle if it locks, it wouldn’t be postmaster general approved!”

While I’m sure MyMultimedia was simply trying to be helpful, his/her response was inaccurate. In fact, I have never heard of such a system. To my knowledge, the United States Postal Service regulations specifically stipulate that the postal carrier WILL NOT carry a key to curbside mailboxes. So I aimed to clarify this point with my response:

EpochDesignLLC (3 hours ago): @obeseotters: The mailman DOES NOT NEED A KEY to deliver your mail, there is a incoming mail slot that opens without a key and allows the mail man to drop your mail down into the storage compartment, which cannot be accessed without a key.”

So I hope that answers it! If you are interested in seeing exactly how mail is delivered with the Mail Boss security locking mailbox, please see this post on the incoming mail slot, or this animation we have just developed! And as always, please feel free to send us questions via the Contact Us form or through the Blog Comment thread.