Durable Mail Boss design passes with flying colors

Epoch Design proudly touts the quality design, superior strength and cratsmanship of the Mail Boss Locking Security mailbox. For anyone who questions just how strong and rugged our mailbox really is, we thought we’d show you. After all, a picture (or three) is worth a thousand words!

truck_on_mailboss-1We demonstrated this same phenomenon in the Mail Boss video, and by contrast, you can see the Curbside MailSafeTM obliterated into a thousand little pieces.

truck_on_mailboss-5This picture shows the MailBoss locking mailbox under the weight of a 7+ ton International MAC Truck, without bending or breaking. As you can plainly see, the quality 12-gauge and 14-gauge galvanized steel body can withstand even this abuse!

WARNING: We do not recommend attempting to vandalize the Mail Boss locking mailbox with a baseball bat (or other object) of any kind. Severe injury to the vandal will most likely occur.