Just a few weeks ago, we had a customer Richard contact us wanting a secure mailbox for his father’s home in Alaska. The only problem is that we don’t offer Free Shipping to Alaska, because it’s quite expensive. In fact, shipping quotes up to the Last Frontier are sometimes as much as $100!

After some research, we learned that one of our online retail partners Lowes.com offers Free Shipping of Mail Boss Mailboxes to Alaska! This saved the day for Richard, because his father desperately need a quality locking mailbox. Richard wrote:

Mail Boss,

You saved the day, I have ordered the Mail Box and we are very excited. Just a few weeks ago, some one stole mail from my father’s mail box that contained checks. The thief washed the checks out and reissued them to himself. He was able to successfully cash the checks that cost my Father nearly $3000.00.  We now take our important out going mail to the post office, it will be nice to have our incoming mail secure. Thank you so very much.


These stories with happy endings just warm our hearts!

So, if you or someone you know is looking for a secure mailbox delivered to Alaska for free, look no further than Lowes.com!