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Another Mail Boss Survives High Speed Collision

It has happened again: Another incredible tale of Mail Boss survival! (Though we aren’t really that surprised anymore… Mail Boss durability is just a thing now). This time, a White Mail Boss was hit at high speeds by a truck. As usual, the Mounting Plate got a bit mangled. But in this case, the customer […]


Mailbox Strength and Durability on Impact

How the patented FAST TRAK Design makes Mail Boss virtually indestructible If you take a look at some of the Mail Boss testimonials, I imagine you will be quite impressed. Thanks to superior construction and innovative design, the Mail Boss Curbside and Package Mailboxes models have been known to survive some serious impacts. (more…)


The Ultimate Bat-Buster Mailbox

You know the Mail Boss is virtually vandal-proof and has no problem standing up to a baseball bat. Well Larry from Walla Walla set out to create the Ultimate Bat-Buster Mailbox and we think he has succeeded! He started with the Mail Boss – that’s 40 pounds of electro-galvanized welded steel! Then, he used 1/2″ […]


Mail Boss Hit by Teenage Driver, is Just Fine!

Indestructible Mail Boss Mailbox survives being hit by teenage driver With the new year, comes new stories of our Mail Boss surviving even the worst of collisions! This week we received an email from Mike K. who’s mailbox was recently hit by a car that lost control. Here’s the note he sent us along with […]


Highway Speed Collision– Mail Boss Survives!

Straight from our Mail Boss to you, we recently received a letter from Charles in Chiloquin, OR who wrote in to tell us how his Mail Boss, along with several other neighbors’ standard mailboxes, were struck by a vehicle. Not only were these mailboxes hit by a vehicle, but they were hit by a vehicle […]


Mail Boss Survives Brutal Hit-and-Run!

A couple of days back, we received an email from Ronald and Sheryl in Portland, OR. They were in need of a new flag and bracket for their Mail Boss mailbox. Apparently, someone had a serious collision with their mailbox, launching it over 50 feet, and yanking the post out of it’s concrete support. The […]

Mail Boss Foils Vandals Says David in CA

This week, we received an phone call from a Mail Boss customer who had recently been the victim of mailbox vandalism. Apparently, someone attempted to steal his locking mailbox by strapping it to a truck and trying to drive off. When all was said and done, though, his Mail Boss security mailbox was unscathed… all […]

MailBoss: The Mailbox Baseball Cure

Stop Mailbox Baseball Vandalism¬†with the Durable Mail Boss Mailbox For those of you looking to establish a baseball bat cemetery in your front yard, look no further! Mail Boss security mailboxes will manifest your suburban revenge fantasy. Bolt down a post mount Mailboss and expect zero buyer’s remorse. Your purchase will have mailbox vandals limping […]

A Vandal Proof Security Mailbox

Mail Boss security mailbox built to take a beating Mailbox vandalism is a rampant problem now-a-days, and consumers are responding by purchasing rugged, stalwart, “vandal-proof” mailboxes. Whereas in the past, unlocked aluminum mail receptacles were the norm, now Americans realize they need hefty and secure locking mailboxes not only to protect their mailbox from becoming […]