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Retail Response to Down Economy: The Survivors & the Deer

I have a unique perspective on the retail hardware domain and have observed some notable trends in response to this down econmy. Specifically, I have witnessed 2 kinds of hardware retailers: the “Survivors” and the “Deer”. I purport this: First and foremost, in this economy the “Survivors” (and not the “Deer”) will thrive. Why? Because […]

VP Corner: The Lucky One

I am fortunate enough to be a partner in Epoch Design where we have created the Mail Boss security locking mailbox. We started out designing and producing furniture, and we still do. Certainly, it is fulfilling to watch our ideas come to life and sometimes become desirable products for the masses. For many years, this […]

VP Corner: Mailbox Musings from an Airplane

Connecting the dots on locking mailboxes and security As I sat on the crowded flight from Chicago back to Seattle, I reflected on the last few days I had spent working the Mail Boss locking mailbox booth at the Orgill Dealer Market. It occured to me that 90% of the hardware industry just doesn’t understand […]