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Mail box as it was left after the mail was stolen

Jo Upgrades MailSafe Wall Mount with #BetterByBoss

Jo found Mail Boss and the #BetterByBoss offer when searching for a “sturdier mailbox” after she discovered her Mailsafe mailbox by Solar Group with the door hanging open and nothing in the box: She wrote to us: “The mail was stolen from my locked mailbox a couple of weeks ago, and I have been research what sturdier mailbox I […]


Lynn Upgrades Oasis Jr with #BetterByBoss

Lynn in Apple Valley, CA has her locking mailbox pried open regularly, so she contacted us about getting a more secure mailbox. She wrote: “Our current mailbox is an Oasis Jr that gets pried open every 2 weeks. The door is bent and tweaked and I have to re-bend the lock to get the door to shut completely. […]


Melissa Upgrades Oasis with #BetterByBoss

Melissa in Renton purchased an Oasis mailbox by Architectural Mailboxes after having mail stolen. She thought it was secure, but came home to find it pried open and no mail inside. Here is what she shared on our Facebook page: While nothing is theft proof, we think "secure" mailboxes should take more than a second […]


Grant Upgrades Oasis Jr with #BetterByBoss

Grant in Marysville, California was sick of having his Oasis Jr. locking mailbox burglarized. He wrote: “This is the 3rd time my mailbox has been broken into. According to your website your mailboxes are stronger. I need to replace ASAP.” Of course, nothing is theft proof, but the #BetterByBoss mailbox offer exists to help victims […]


#BetterByBoss Replacement Mailbox Offer

Mailbox burglaries are on the rise. This is because as more people switch to locking mailboxes, the pickings are slim for mail thieves looking for unlocked mailboxes. Many so-called “secure” mailboxes are easy to burglarize. If you purchased a locking mailbox but it was burglarized by a thief, don’t despair! Not all locking mailboxes are […]