Victim of Mailbox Burglary?

Get a Mail Boss at 50% Off

Maybe you heard about mail theft and decided it was time to protect yourself. Maybe you went down to your local hardware store and bought the locking mailbox on the shelf. Maybe you thought your mail was safe. And now, your supposedly “secure” mailbox has been broken into by thieves.


We know how bad this feels. It happened to us. That’s why we made the Mail Boss!

The Faux-Security Mailbox Problem

The fact is there are way too many faux-security mailboxes on the marketplace that offer a moment’s deterrence to thieves. But we don’t blame consumers for buying them – how would you know what to look for in a locking mailbox? Who would have thought thieves would be going around with screwdrivers popping open mailboxes to steal mail?

The #BetterByBoss Solution

Now it’s true, nothing is 100% theft proof. Even the Mail Boss mailboxes can be violated with enough time. But we believe that if a thief has to stand around for several minutes with a crowbar trying to get into your mailbox, he’ll move on to the pseudo-lock box next to it!

No one likes feeling violated, and we care very much that our customers’ mail stays safe and secure! If your locking mailbox was burglarized by thieves and you want to upgrade to a Mail Boss, we want to help. We will give you 50% off of the curbside mailbox of your choice. All you have to do is send us your photo story.

That’s right! Just share a photo of your burglarized mailbox and we’ll give you the curbside mailbox of your choice at 50% off.

Why would we do this?

  • We feel bad for people who bought a locking mailbox only to have it broken into – we’ve been there – it sucks!
  • We want to help build consumer awareness of the prevalence of mailbox burglary – just having a mailbox with a lock on it is not enough anymore
  • Our security mailboxes are differentiated on security with patented anti-pry features to prevent leveraged entry
  • We want our customers to have real mail security and protection against mail-identity thieves

How do you get your 50% discount?

  • Share a photo of your burglarized mailbox with us
  • Upload to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BetterByBoss or email to
  • We will respond with a unique 50% code to use toward your purchase of a curbside Mail Boss model at

Here are some examples of customers who have already saved 50% on a new mailbox with the #BetterByBoss offer:

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Judy Replaces Burglarized Mailbox with #BetterByBoss
Oasis Jr mailboxes pried open in Studio City, neighbors rally with BetterByBoss Judy and her neighbors in Studio City, California,
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A True Life #BetterByBoss Success!
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Scott and his neighbors in Olympia Washington were recently the victims of mailbox burglary. All six of the Oasis Jr
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Tim Dumps Oasis Jr with #BetterByBoss
Tim of Seattle is taking advantage of the #BetterByBoss offer to replace his Oasis Jr. mailbox, which was pried open
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Paul Upgrades Oasis Jr with #BetterByBoss
Paul in Lafayette, California is taking advantage of the #BetterByBoss offer to replace his Oasis Jr. mailbox, which was pried
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Jo Upgrades MailSafe Wall Mount with #BetterByBoss
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Lynn Upgrades Oasis Jr with #BetterByBoss
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Our mailboxes aren’t theft-proof. They are much more secure than your average locking mailbox. You don’t have to take our word for it; check out Testimonials from happy customers whose mailboxes survived attempted prying. 50% off discount code is for a maximum of one unit per household, and cannot be used on clearance items or combined with any other offers. We reserve the right to use any shared photos in social media and on our website. Also, we reserve the right to end this promotion at any time without notice and without reason. We’re doing this to help bring security at an affordable price to victims of mail-theft, and also help drive awareness of mailbox burglary. Please respect the spirit of this promotion and play by the rules.