#BetterByBoss Replacement Mailbox Offer

Mailbox burglaries are on the rise. This is because as more people switch to locking mailboxes, the pickings are slim for mail thieves looking for unlocked mailboxes.

Many so-called “secure” mailboxes are easy to burglarize. If you purchased a locking mailbox but it was burglarized by a thief, don’t despair! Not all locking mailboxes are easy to pry open with a screwdriver. In fact, the Mail Boss curbside mailboxes all include a patented anti-pry latch locking system to prevent leveraged entry.

That’s not to say the Mail Boss mailboxes are theft proof – they’re not. If someone wants to get into your mailbox badly enough, they can with enough time and energy. But we guarantee it’s no one second job like with the competition.

Our mailboxes are better… BetterByBoss!


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