The Best Mailbox Art from Around the Web

They’re back! Mail Boss is proud to present the second edition of Epic Mailboxes from around the web. (If you missed the first edition, you can check it out here.)

This time we’re bringing you more than ten mailbox art projects in the hope that they will inspire you to engage in your own DIY mailbox art project.

Creative mailbox art is a wonderful way to liven up your residence and have a little fun with your mail carrier. Imagine what they must think: “Ahh, yes delivering mail to a delicious looking hamburger box really breaks up my route…” Well, maybe not, but whatever you choose to make your mailbox look like, it’s much more engaging than your average mailbox.

Just take a look:

The ‘Meta-Box’The ultimate mailboximage source.

The ‘Email-Box’computer mailboximage source.

The ‘Fastest-Box’
car mailbox
image source.

The ‘Mannequin-Box’Blue Lady Mailboximage source.

The ‘Childhood Dream-Box’Thomas Train Mailboximage source.

The ‘Convenient Wildlife-Box’Giraffe Mailboximage source.

The ‘Vader-Box’May the Mail be with youimage source.

The ‘Cool Camera-Box’Photographer's mailboximage source.

The ‘Tool-Box’mailbox
image source.

The ‘WTF-box’mailboximage source.

The ‘Shredder-Box’Guitar mailboximage source.

The ‘Aptly Themed-Box’Mailbox by ~DreadPirateMe on deviantARTimage source.

The ‘20,000 Leagues-Box’
image source.

The ‘Cigarette-Box’Very Unique Mailboximage source.

The ‘Mail Carrier’s Least Favorite Box’The manliest of mailboxesimage source.


  1. Brad Murray on November 23, 2020 at 7:53 pm

    I absolutely love these custom made mailboxes!!! Gave me alot of ideas of how I’d like to do mine. Thank you for showing these boxes.

  2. Cande on July 3, 2022 at 3:17 am

    I would like to order the hammer mailbox!!

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