Authorities Urging Caution Against Holiday Mail Thefts

Remember how holiday mail thefts and you need to take precautions – namely, use a locking mailbox – to protect yourself? Well, you don’t have to take our word for it.

Here’s a round up of news stories in the last few days related to holiday mail thefts, and urging preventative measures to keep your mail, packages, and your identity safe.

From Maple Leaf – Seattle, Washington  Beware mail theft this holiday season

“Mail theft appears to be ramping up with the holiday season, Michelle reports over the weekend. “On my block this morning, I recovered a large pile of dumped mail that appeared to be stolen,” she wrote Sunday afternoon.”

From Douglas County, Oregon Mail Theft On The Rise In Douglas County

“It’s that time of year when packages and holiday cards are being sent. Officials in Douglas County say they are already seeing an increase in mail theft. Officials say thieves are after gift cards, bank statements, social security numbers and any other items which would lead to stealing your identity or money.”

From Charlotte, North Carolina Protect yourself from holiday mail theft

“The US Postal Service says it does see a slight up-tick in reports of theft, and people just not getting what was sent to them, during the holidays.”

From Douglas County, Oregon Area mail theft on the rise. What can you do?

“Unknown subjects are removing incoming and outgoing mail from mailboxes looking for gift cards, checks, credit cards, bank statements, social security numbers, and any other type of information to steal your identity and/or money. Many criminals know that mail sent during the holidays often contains gift cards, cash or checks, so it’s important to take some precautions.”

From Cedar Springs, Michigan Be on alert for mail theft

“During the Christmas season, people are more likely to send or receive gifts of cash or smaller items in their mailbox. Cedar Springs Police Chief Roger Parent would like to remind residents to remove mail as soon as possible from their mailbox to avoid mail theft, and to use the United States Post Office to send out mail, especially cards with gifts of money.”

From Strathcona County, Alberta Strathcona County RCMP warn of Christmas gift thefts from mailbox

“As Christmas nears, Strathcona County RCMP is warning residents in the rural and urban areas about mailbox thefts, which they say have been on the rise over the last ten days.”

From Chesterfield, Virginia Chesterfield man says gift cards were pilfered from mailboxes

“When Kimberly received her father’s Christmas card in the mail she got an unexpected surprise. “When I opened the mail, I noticed it was a card from my father, and I  noticed it was slit on both sides,” Kimberly said. Someone had stolen the gift cards, and placed the remaining card and envelope back in the mailbox.”

From Tampa, Florida Mail remains target for thieves

“Most of us look forward to getting mail this time of year because postal carriers deliver gifts and holiday cards instead of just bills. But the mail stopped coming for one Polk County woman. “

From Vienna, Virginia Police Warn Residents About Holiday Mail Theft

During the holiday season, Vienna Police are reminding residents to watch out for thieves who try to steal presents and packages left outside their homes.”

From Shorewood, Washington Holiday season means increase in mail theft

“It’s the busiest shopping season of the year, and police say everyone needs to be extra cautious about thieves. ‘Unfortunately, this is the time of year for giving and its also the time of year for some people to be thieving,’ said Cindi West of the King County Sheriff’s Office.”

From East Marlborough, Pennsylvania E. Marlborough police warn of mail, package thefts

“Township police are warning residents about a series of thefts from mailboxes and from front porches after dark — grinches apparently happy to ruin the holidays for local residents.”

From Mesa County, Colorado Identity thieves targeting Mesa County mailboxes

“This Christmas season, protect yourself from holiday humbugs who aim to steal your identity. Recently, the Grand Junction Police Department has taken seven reports of mail stolen right out of mailboxes, according to police spokesperson Kate Porras. The mail was then used to steal the owner’s identity.”

From Albuquerque, New Mexico Photographer warns about mail theft

“Quijano said he wanted everyone to be aware, especially during the holidays as packages are being delivered.”

From Buford, Georgia Holiday Crime Alert: Mail Thief Snatches Video Game, Cell Phone Accessories

“With the holidays come an increased number of gift shipments and, unfortunately, increased opportunities for thieves. Thieves may steal packages off door stoops, remove them from mailboxes or simply open them and take whatever is inside the package.”

From Greenfield, Iowa Police Looking For Mail Thief

“Deputies say people are finding piles of mail in the middle of the street. Investigators believe the thief or thieves are taking all the contents from mailboxes, rifling through them for the items they want, then dumping the rest. Newton says he believes the thieves are looking for Christmas cards with cash in them.”

From Fairbanks, Alaska Fairbanks-area residents on edge about mail thefts

“Both the Postal Service and Alaska State Troopers say there hasn’t been an extraordinary surge in recent mail theft reports in the Fairbanks area. But the isolation provided by cold weather and the noticeable absence of missing Christmas checks has helped underscore the problem. ‘I think they’ve been pretty consistent,” said Trooper Sgt. Scott Johnson. “I think there’s probably more abuse during the holidays just because there’s more mail.'”

From Grays Harbor County,  Washington 3 teens accused of stealing Christmas cash from mailboxes

“Three Grays Harbor County teenagers are accused of stealing mail and breaking into homes looking for Christmas money and presents.”

From Adair County, Iowa Mailbox Theft Increase In Southwest Iowa

“Deputies say people are finding piles of mail in the middle of the street. Investigators believe the thief or thieves are taking all the contents from mailboxes, rifling through them for the items they want, then dumping the rest. Sheriff Newton believes the thief or thieves are looking for Christmas cards with cash in them.”

From Bakersfield, California Mailbox thieves strike Bakersfield neighborhood

“The Bakersfield Post Master said mailbox thefts happen more often during the holidays a disturbing thought to some.”

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