Mail Identity Theft – August 2014

Here is the round up of mail identity theft in August 2014 from across the nation, including reports of stolen mail, mail thief arrests, and identity theft rings uncovered. Wichita, Kansas and areas of California were particularly hard hit this month. To prevent mail theft, a leading cause of the ID theft, use a locking mailbox, don’t send checks from an unsecured mailbox, and shred mail before discarding it to thwart dumpster divers.

Aug. 1:

Aug. 3:

Aug. 4:

Aug. 5:

Aug. 6:

suspected mail thief

Aug. 7:

A Lexington couple is behind bars after police say they traded stolen mail for gift cards.

Aug. 8:

Giovanni Lauretta

 Aug. 9:

Lawrence Young

Aug. 11:

Aug. 12:

A five day trial is scheduled to begin in February for one of two people accused of stealing mail from mailboxes.

Aug. 14:

Aug. 15:

Aug. 16:

Magnolia package thefts photo

Aug. 18:

Aug. 19:

Top Photo

Aug. 20:

Aug. 21:

  • FAIRFAX, Virginia: Fairfax Times – Public safety briefs: Man charged with stealing mail in Herndon

Aug. 22:

Aug. 24:

Aug. 25:

Aug. 26:

Aug. 27:

 Aug. 28:

Aug. 29:

Transito Jovani Lovo

Aug. 31:

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