Attempted Mail Manager Prying in Santa Fe

Therese from Santa Fe reached out to us because a would-be mail thief tried to pry open her Mail Manager. While the thief was not successful in breaking into her mailbox, he did manage to do quite a bit of damage to the box itself.

As you can see from the images below, the housing of the mailbox bent under the force of a tool (most likely a crowbar) but the lock itself was not compromised and no mail was stolen:

Mail Manager Mailbox Attempted Prying Mail Manager Mailbox Attempted Prying Mail Manager Mailbox Attempted Prying

Therese was understandably upset. No one likes to feel violated and it is frustrating when someone damages your property, especially something that you spend a fair amount of money on!

It could have been worse, though! The thief could have been successful at breaking into her mailbox and stealing her sensitive personal and financial information. Guaranteed the thief just open the unlocked mailbox to the right of hers and removed the contents, and her neighbors might not have even suspected anything if it wasn’t for the obvious evidence on Therese’s mailbox.

Anyway, that patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism is one tough cookie. And while the Mail Manager doesn’t take prying as well as the larger Mail Boss and Package Master (learn more on this comparison here), it still does a dang good job at keeping the bad guys out! We’re proud that the Mail Manager locking mailbox stood up to this bad guy and kept Therese’s mail safe and secure!

While the Mail Boss Warranty officially excludes accidental/deliberate damage including attempted prying, we often work with customers who have been violated by thieves to get affordable replacements. To ease the pain of this whole experience, we offered Therese a replacement at our cost.

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