Attempted Mail Boss Prying… Twice

Austin reached out to us after a would-be mail thief attempted to pry open his Mail Boss Curbside locking mailbox. He wrote:

We have a Mailboss locking mailbox that someone tried to pry open. We’ve had it for about five years. It has a barrel lock. Here are some pictures of our damaged mailbox. The mailbox was not entered as far as I can tell but the door is damaged and I want to replace it. Is the barrel lock still being used or is the new style lock preferred?

As you can see, while thief was able to bend the door a bit, the lock held and no mail was stolen. Austin was able to bend the door back into place.

Not even a week later, Austin reached out again to let us know the thieves had returned:

There was another attack on our mailbox.  The right corner of the door was bent out 90 degrees.  They still didn’t get anything as far as I can tell.  I bent it back to somewhat straight so I think we’re still secure.  I think we’ll buy the replacement but I’m not quite ready to do it.  I want to see if it happens again.

So far, his Mail Boss has withstood all prying attempts. However, since Austin apparently lives in an area frequented by determined mailbox burglars, we’re brainstorming ways to reinforce the door to make it even more stout! One option may be welding a steel bar across the inside of the door. TBD…

While no mailbox is theft proof, we go above and beyond to manufacture locking mailboxes that do what they are supposed to — keep mailbox burglars out!


  1. ken on May 29, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    Just put up my white mail manager today. Very pleased with quality, appearance, function and ease of install on my existing wooden post. 3 keys also a great touch.!!

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