Attempted Mail Boss Mailbox Prying in Stockton

A happy Mail Boss customer, Gary, emailed us to share that his mother’s Mail Boss mailbox in Stockton survived an attempted mailbox prying burglary. According to the mail carrier, other mailboxes in the neighborhood were compromised:

I bought one of your mailboxes last Christmas for my mother who lives in a challenging neighborhood in Stockton, CA.

This morning, the mail carrier came to my mother’s front door and told her that somebody had attempted to break into her mailbox and that it was damaged to the point he was unable to insert mail into it.

I examined the mailbox and the suspects had pried the deposit door down to the point where it would not move nor would it allow the locking door to open.  I had to use a piece of a 2 x 4 and a sledge hammer to free the door.  It took a number of whacks to accomplish this.

The suspect(s) literally tried to force the deposit door down enough to allow access behind the inner panel.  The inner panel, however, jammed against the top of the mailbox to the point the suspect(s) could not move it any further.

After a few minor adjustments, the mailbox was operating as designed.

It is not as pristine as it once was but it certainly is secure.  When I first looked at the mailbox, I thought it was damaged beyond repair.

It is amazing that it didn’t sustain more damage based on the amount of force applied to the deposit door and specifically the inner panel.  I’m sure the suspect(s) got a good workout followed by complete frustration.

The mail carrier told my mother that many mailboxes had been compromised that same night.

There was no mail in my mother’s mail box last night but it was reassuring to know that the thieves were unable to get it open.  My mother used to allow the mail to control her life by having to be there when it arrived.  Now she feels comfortable living life and getting her mail when it is convenient for her.

Your mailbox was a great investment.


Gary B.

Of course, we love to get feedback like this. As we explained to Gary, nothing is theft proof. However, we have designed our mailboxes so that they offer as much possible resistance to thieves trying to break in with a screwdriver or crowbar (as they usually do).

By comparison, most other locking mailboxes can be popped open in about one second. We have worked really hard to incorporate design to prevent this kind of easy access while still offering an affordable (albeit more expensive) product.

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