Attempted Mail Boss Burglary in Auburn

Brian in Auburn Washington called to tell us a story we have heard before:

Years ago his mail was stolen. He said his wife thought it would be “prudent” to buy a locking mailbox. He didn’t think much of it at the time, but happened upon the Mail Boss Curbside at McLendon Hardware. He had been meaning to buy a locking mailbox (what a great idea!) and so he went ahead with the Mail Boss. In hindsight, he is glad that is the model he chose.

“A few days ago, someone took a crowbar to the mailboxes in the neighborhood. Because Brian had a Mail Boss, his mailbox fared better than the his neighbors’ locking mailboxes.”

The would-be thief managed to bend his mailbox up a bit and damage the door, but not actually break into it and steal his mail.

Testimonial -MailBoss2

Unfortunately, his Mail Boss has seen better days.

Testimonial -MailBoss3

But with a little TLC, it should be back to good in no time!

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