Another Mail Boss survives impact

Larry contacted us to share some incredible pictures showing how his Mail Boss survived a nasty impact. The collision uprooted the entire mailbox, post and cement installation and launched the mailbox a good 15 feet or more. The Newspaper Holder and Fast-Trak Mounting Plate were mangled, but the Mail Boss itself is in good shape!

indestructible mailboss mailbox
Larry wrote:

“My mailbox got hit sometime last night or early this morning. The impact was so great it was moved about 15 feet. The post and the mailbox survived, but the “Fast-Trak” mounting plate, the flag and the newspaper holder did not make it. I’m going to use an angle grinder to cut the fast trak plate out.”

Here are all of the images that Larry shared:

Just amazing! We have sent Larry a new mounting plate and best wishes that his mailbox is feeling better soon.

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