Andrew Upgrades Pedestal Mailbox with #BetterByBoss

Andrew suspected his mail was being stolen, so he set up a security camera to catch the thieves in action. Sure enough, this video shows a car pulling up to his Victorian Style Pedestal locking mailbox and – without a key – pulling out all of the mail. Andrew wrote to us:

“Here is a video of my mailbox being burglarized early this week. Hope this qualifies for the #betterbyboss discount.”

Andrew explained:

“It is this exact [locking mailbox] design. The mail is removed through a locking door on the rear. They did not pry or damage the mailbox itself, but they were able to reach a hand or tool through the mail slot and remove all the mail.”

This style mailbox advertises a locking access design, but the incoming mail slot is 2.5″ high, so it provides ample room for a thief to reach in and steal the mail. That is exactly what happened here.

Mail theft by fishing is almost more dangerous than having a locking mailbox pried open, because if it weren’t for the security footage, you would have no way of knowing that your mail had been stolen. At least if your mailbox is pried open, you can take reactive measures to prevent further damage, such as issuing a fraud alert with the credit bureaus.

Anyway, Andrew decided it was time to switch to a more secure mailbox and is taking advantage of the #BetterByBoss offer to get a new high security Mail Boss mailbox.

To learn more about the #BetterByBoss offer, read more here.


After receiving his new Mail Boss mailbox, Andrew dropped as a note to say:

“Thank you so much for the coupon! I have ordered, received and installed my Mail Manager and Surface Mount Post and it is indeed the quality that is described on your website.  Attached are pictures of my old mailbox that was easily fished.  Thank you so much for such a high quality product.”

And here are the pictures that Andrew shared of his Victorian Pedestal Mount mailbox by Amco Corporation that was easily fished:

If you are a victim of mailbox burglary and would like a more secure mailbox, check out our #BetterByBoss offer available now.



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