Mail BossTM a division of Epoch Design, is committed to the design, manufacturing and distribution of locking security mailboxes of superior quality and value. The Mail Boss locking security mailbox product line secures any items including mail and parcels placed into it, helping consumers protect themselves from the epidemic of mail theft and identity theft.

Company History

For over twenty years, Epoch Design has produced solid wood and metal furniture, creating an extensive line of high-quality adult and children’s bedroom furniture. When Epoch Design President David had his mail stolen twice in 2005, he set out to solve the problem and purchase a locking mailbox to protect his family from mail and identity theft. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, as fate would have it,) David was unable to find an affordable, high-quality locking mailbox with true security at any of the local hardware stores or online stores he visited. He realized that there was a need for a truly secure mailbox product, and with the resources of his company, set out to design the Mail Boss.

In 2006, we launched the Mail BossTM line of locking mailboxes to offer customers a truly secure and affordable solution to mail and identity theft prevention. With the patented, installation-friendly Fast-Trak feature, welded commercial-grade galvanized steel construction, and its innovative security lock design features, the Mail Boss quickly won over consumers looking to prevent mail and identity theft from ruining their good names. Now with more than 12 years under our belts, Mail Boss continues to stand up for it’s customers against thieves and criminals attempting toCustomers have responded gratefully, stating that the affordable Mail Boss protects their mail and parcels, and provides them with peace of mind.

Since its creation, the Mail Boss division has grown to include dozens of Mail Boss products available in a range of styles and colors. We have made significant improvements upon our products, including the repeated updating of lock bodies, structural reinforcement of moving components and durability of our finishes, and will continue to offer the best locking security boxes.

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