A Question on MailBoss Lock Picking

A few days ago, we received an e-mail from someone who was interested in buying the Mail Boss locking mailbox. He liked everything he saw, except he had concerns about the lock that we use. We would like to share his question and our response here in case anyone out there has similar concerns.

From Michael:

I have been contemplating purchasing one of your Mail Boss locking mailboxes, but am concerned about the cylinder style key lock you use. While you seem to build an otherwise tamper resistant mailbox, i think your lock is its Achilles’ heel.

I had a Kryptonite bicycle lock with the same style key, and after seeing the video in 2004 on how easily they can be picked with a Bic pen, decided to participate in the recall when it became available. Here’s additional info:


Do you have any plans to upgrade the quality of the lock you’re using?

Michael asks a very important question, and we’re glad he did. We want everyone to know that the old “BIC Pen” trick will not work on the Mail Boss locking mailbox. Here’s what our John DeRaspe had to say to Michael.

Our response:

Hi Michael,

Simply put, the Bic pen trick will not work on our locks. The Tube size in our locks is non-standard. We have these locks built for us and helped in the design. They are 7 pin locks with very strong springs and a brass core.

Even if you were to find a plastic tubular object that would fit in and push the 7 pins, it would not open because the pins must be pushed to certain levels to open. We currently have 1,000 combinations on our keys and the only way to get extras is to order them through us with proof of purchase.

I have a professional lock picking kit and have not found a dead-bolt or a simple lock like on other mailboxes that I cannot pick within 3 minutes.

Specialized tools beyond what I have are needed to pick a tube lock and the ones that are available are for the standard pin size, not ours. Finally people do not expect to find these locks on locking mailboxes so they are not prepared.

As you and I both know if somebody wants something bad enough they will find a way. Through years of testing the fastest any of us can get into our box is 10 minutes with a crow bar and a long thick screw driver. You have to shred welded 14 gauge galvanized steel to do it. With the exception of a few locking mailboxes like the Fort Knox, the rest can be opened with a household screw driver in 2 seconds or with most parcel mailboxes, you simply reach in and grab what you need. Go to Home Depot and look at the Oasis Jr® and you will see what I mean.

John DeRaspe

So thanks, Michael, for asking a great question! We hope that this may clear up some questions or concerns that others may have as well!


  1. James on March 22, 2016 at 11:10 pm

    This is a great post. Although those locks can be picker pretty easily – it cannot be done with a bic pen. However, traditional lock picking tools will sure do the job

  2. Jenny on March 24, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    Would you say a 7-pin tube block or a 12-wafer lock would be harder to pick?

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