10 Epic Mailboxes Found Around The US

America can be a pretty weird and wild place. Around the entire nation, you can meet individuals who march to the beat of their own drummer and folks who are entirely unique. In the US, individuality is keenly illustrated by the aesthetic choices for mailboxes made by some of our noble citizens. Check out these ten epic, up to regulation, mailboxes from around the US.


#1 – “Snake-Eating-A” Mailbox

(Goshen, Connecticut)

Snake Mailbox

Unless your mail gets delivered by Indiana Jones, you shouldn’t have a problem…

#2 – Donut Mailbox

(Key Green, Pennsylvania)

doughnut mailbox

Does the ‘donut-loving’ stereotype also extend to mailmen?

#3 – ‘Go Gators’ Mailbox

(Palatka, Florida)

Nothing says ‘gator pride’ like slapping an orange t-shirt on a dilapidated T-Rex and having him hold your mailbox…

#4 – The Business Specific Mailbox

(Boise, Idaho)

Chiropractor mailbox

Thematic mailboxes are especially epic, even when they are made of graphic displays of the human spine…

#5 – The Burger/Zombie Mailbox

(Northridge, California)

Bobs big boy mailbox

‘Scrumptious-Burger’ Mailbox?…or ‘Zombie-Emerging-From-The-Grave’ Mailbox? You be the judge!

#6 – ‘Biker’s Butt’ Mailbox

(Santa Barbara, California)

Residents were flabbergasted when they began to find more than just mail in their mailbox…

#7 – ‘Festive Manatee’ Mailbox

(Key West, Florida)

Thematic mailboxes are awesome, right? What’s even more awesome, you ask? How about a doubly themed mailbox with two themes perfectly intertwined, like this ‘sea-creature-celebrating-Halloween’ thing these Floridians have got goin’ on.

#8 – The V8 Mailbox

(Lamoni, Iowa)

Motor mailbox

And they kept wondering why their envelopes were so greasy….

#9 – The R2D2 Mailbox

(These can be found in a number of places around the US)


#10 – The ‘Black’ Mailbox

(Near Area 51, Nevada)

Area 51 mailbox

This mailbox is pretty mysterious. It supposedly contains top-secret government messages about flying saucers and what not. There’s also a slot for alien mail, so if you’ve been receiving messages from extraterrestrials, your best bet is to have them forward their mail here….

These are just a few of the unlimited number of crazy, fun, mysterious and downright odd mailboxes that are out there. If you could have any theme of mailbox, what would it be? Who knows.. may be you could even incorporate a Mail Boss mailbox into yours?! One thing’s for sure, it would definitely be strong!


  1. PBUK on March 3, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    You’ve got to love the R2D2 mailbox, that is so cool. I should imagine the owner has had quite a few offers to sell it. I would have expected it to be cemented into the ground though, as you’d expect it to be a desirable mailbox, and likely someone come along and unscrew the bolts and make off with it.

  2. Bruce Bradley on March 4, 2023 at 11:32 pm

    Wow The Black Mail Box at Area 51. I took over the job as guardian of the Black Mail Box since 2019. I asked the Alamo, NV Post Office they said sure just write on it no US mail. I always replace it when the Mail Box gets stolen or blown up. Vandals you know, every where. This is the Third mail box I put up. Well it is not protected so stuff will happen to it. I always keep a extra mail box in my garage in Las Vegas. The reason I put it up because while standing at that location a couple from Germany came by and all that was left was pieces of trash laying around, so I got the idea, why not replace the mail box, for all my UFO enthusiast from around the world. So it became a job of mind to always have a landmark people can relate to and not travel all the way from Germany to take images of garbage. I never look back and salute all that have made the trek to the Black Mail Box. Thank you. Keep looking up!

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