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Has your mailbox survived a brutal attack of hooligans with baseball bats or a nasty run in with a snow plow? Did you have a particularly pleasant experience with our customer service team? Is your Mail Boss just ridiculously good looking and you want to share a picture? Please let us know and we'll include your stories, comments, and installation photos here. 

Mail Boss vs. Trailer

Mail Boss vs. Baseball Bat

Mail Boss vs. Ford Truck

"Mailbox remained unopened after
violent impact" ~ Jimmy

Mail Boss Damages Car

"I’d say box 1, auto 0. One tough box.
Did a lot of car damage." ~ Gerald

Mail Boss vs. Hurricane Ike

"It was "The Boss" and untouchable"
~ Darrell & Karen Ogg (Houston, TX)

Highway Speed Collision

"Two other boxes were destroyed."
~ Charles S. (Chiloquin, OR)

Mail Boss vs. End Loader

"Somehow the Mail Boss survived!"
~ Robert (West Virginia)

Mail Boss vs. 15 lb Pumpkin

"13 neighbors boxes were destroyed"
~ Ken (Chesterfield, NJ)

Survives 50mph Crash

"Only damage is mounting plate & flag.
Great Product!" ~ Steve (Lacenter, WA)

Run Over by Truck

"They hit hard but somehow it held up!"
~ Theresa (Washington)

Survives 50 Feet Launch

"That is one tough mailbox!"
~ Ronald and Sheryl L. (Portland, OR)

Collision with Ford Ranger

"This mailbox is indestructible!"
~ David J. (Pinetown, NC)

Withstands Prying Attempts

Prying did not damage lock,
kept mail safe from thieves.

Upgraded Mail Boss Security

"Rampant mail thefts so we upgraded to a green beret Mail Boss"

Wall Mount Easy to Install

"Thanks for a quality product. Makes me feel more secure!" ~ Vicky (Indianapolis)

Mail Boss with an Ocean View

~ Jim Pool, Allied Postal Products
(San Diego, CA)

Brick Column Mount

"Thank you for a great product. "
~ Robert N. (Modesto, CA)

Mail Boss Foils Vandals

"Great product lives up to its promises!"
~ David W. (Cupertino, VA)

Mail Boss in Brick Column

"Check out our new Mail Boss!"
~ Kevin (Sacramento, CA)

Package Master in Brick

"Love our new Package Master! It’s beautiful in dark bronze." ~ Gina

Stainless Steel Plank Install

~ Jack Meduna
(Seattle, WA)

Column Install with Flag

"Enjoy the pictures of how I solved flag placement. Love the Mail Boss" ~ Lynn

"Excellent Product"

"Your Mail Boss is the best"
~ Jim

"Incredibly Sturdy!"

"Our sturdy Mail Boss painted to match our red barn" ~Rob R. (Winhall, VT)

Mail Boss vs. Truck

"My Boss survived truck impact"
~ Jose (Woodinville, WA)

Mail Boss vs. Semi-Truck

"A semi hit this one but a little touch up and she'll be good as new" ~Nick

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