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Mail Boss has been in the Lime Light lately! Check out these newspapers and magazines that have good things to say about the Mail Boss. And if you see the MailBoss featured in your local newspaper, please let us know! We’re always on the look out for new media coverage!

Popular Mechanics

Mail Boss hailed "Postbox Maximus"

San Francisco Chronicle

"First line of defense against ID theft"

The Miami Herald

'Weathering rain, snow... & mail theft'

Condo Management

'Mail security in multi-unit housing'

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

'The Mail Boss Mailbox'

Sammamish Review

'Mailbox: Version 2.0'

Radio: "On the House"

Mail Boss Feature at National Hardware Show

Hardware Retailing

New Product Spotlight: Mail Boss Package Master

Best Life Magazine

To prevent identity theft, lock your mailbox with Mail Boss!


No. 1 Buyers Guide for Men recommends Mail Boss


"You protect yourself from ID theft by shredding your personal documents, so why would you leave them outside in your mailbox for thieves to steal?"

The Seattle Times

"This virtually impenetrable mailbox [...] should keep identity thieves at bay"

Hardware Retailing

Editors rave "Mail Boss is virtually impenetrable"

Shoreline Area News

'Secure your mailbox to prevent mail identity theft'

The Chief Engineer

"[...] the first line of defense against the growing and expensive crimes of mail and ID theft."

Locksmith Ledger

"Market these secure mailboxes to customers concerned about identity fraud resulting from mail theft."

Home Improvement Executive

Feature: 'Innovations in Mailboxes'

Home Improvement Executive

Ad: 'Mail Boss: Everybody's doing it.'

Money Saving Tech Tips Blog

Mail Boss hailed T-Rex of mailboxes

Popular Mechanics

Mail Boss hailed "Postbox Maximus"

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