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Review - Mail ManagerŪ [750x]

Based on the initial impression I am very happy with the box. The quality of the box seems high (except for the plastic red flag, but I don't really care about that). It seems like it would be very difficult for someone to try and extract mail from these even though they have a large enough door for a small package. The boxes seem very sturdy and are quite heavy. The size of the box was a bit of a suprise. You see the dimensions on the website and it doesn't quite translate until you see the box; it is about 2 times large than our old box. We ordered six of these for myself and neighboors and it took two of us about 2.5 hours and a six pack to install all of them. Also, they shipped out the day they were ordered and arrived the next day (granted I live pretty close to the warehouse... 300 miles or so).

I would definitely recommend this product.
Date Added: 10/15/2012 by Adam