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Mail Thieves Show No Mercy

Post Time-Date 05-23-2008 | Author by Nick | Category Category Mail & Identity Theft | 1 Comment »

One Man Fights Back Against a Neighborhood Netflix Mail Thief

It’s not just your bills anymore; it’s your movies too! Not only is your personal information such as credit cards, bill statements and social security number being stolen through mail theft, but so is your given right to relax to a Netflix movie.

Netflix receives hundreds of “lost in the mail” reports every week from their customers. Although some of these individuals may have actually had their movies lost by the USPS, many of these reports stem from the Netflix mail thieves.

Beware of the many individuals out there who are prowling your neighborhoods unlocked mailboxes, searching for their next Wednesday night entertainment.

As you can see below, these thieves go through a lot of prep work to steal your Netflix. They really know how to disguise themselves from your neighbors.

Victims can be anybody. From a “Notebook” lover to the “Total Recall” fans, these mail thieves go after everybody. They don’t mind what movie it is, they just want it. If you want the ultimate protection for your favorite Friday night activity, get a locking security mailbox.

Don’t let this happen to you! Get a security locking mailbox that will protect you from these Netflix thieves, mail theft, and identity theft.

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