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Just for Fun: FREE Stress Balls!

Post Time-Date 04-24-2012 | Author by MailBoss | Category Category Just for Fun | 40 Comments »

March 2013 UPDATE: We are currently OUT of Stress Balls. Check back soon.

We’re heading down to Las Vegas next week for the National Hardware Show. In honor of this momentous event, we had some lovely stress balls made to throw at give to various attendees.

We think our blue balls got so much “swag”…

(apparently this is how you say we think they’re cool…)

MAIL BOSS: Take the stress out of getting your mail.

If you would like a FREE Stress Ball courtesy of Mail Boss, leave a comment and we’ll ship one to you, while supplies last!


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    1. Kelly Says:

      pleas send me a free stress ball :)

    2. MailBoss Says:

      Hi Kelly! We’d be happy to. Email us your shipping address at

    3. Theresa Saracho Says:

      I would love to be able to give our staff a free stress ball – they work hard addressing the needs of adult and children that have been sexually assaulted by doing the physical exams and evidence collection as well as testifying in criminal court cases!

    4. Theresa Says:

      Our shipping address is:
      LAC-USC Medical Center
      c/o Theresa Saracho, NP
      VIP clinic / OPD
      2010 Zonal Ave. 3P-61
      Los Angeles, California 90032
      (323) 226-3961

    5. MailBoss Says:

      No problem, we will get one out to you in the mail!

    6. Jeff Says:

      I would love to have a free stress ball for the office!

    7. Kyle Says:

      Awesome, I’d like one for the office!

    8. MailBoss Says:

      Hi Kyle,
      Email us your shipping address and we’ll get one out to you!

    9. MailBoss Says:

      Hi Jeff,
      Email us your shipping address and we’ll get one out to you!

    10. Lisa Pignataro Says:

      Please send some free stress balls for or special ed classroom.
      Lisa Pignataro, Special Ed Teacher
      Auburn Middle School
      Swanson Ave
      Auburn, MA 01501

    11. Sarah Says:

      I’d love a stressball!

    12. daniel Says:

      I want a stress ball

    13. MailBoss Says:

      Please email us at with your shipping address!

    14. Sara Says:

      I’d like a stress ball. And any information on mailboxes for apartment complexes if possible!

    15. MailBoss Says:

      Here is an article we wrote featured in Condo Management magazine regarding mail security in multi-unit housing: and here it is on our blog: I will also send these links in an email along with request for address for stress ball.

    16. Sarah Says:

      Can i please have a stress ball?

    17. MailBoss Says:

      Yes Sarah, please email us your shipping address!

    18. levi Says:

      please send me one

    19. Heather Says:

      This sounds awesome! Might I have one of these amazing thingies???

    20. MailBoss Says:

      Please email your shipping address to

    21. Jake Says:

      Free stress ball please! :D

    22. Kenneth L Hall Says:

      Just purchased three Mail Boss mailboxes for myself and the neighbors on each side of me. Could you send three stress balls please?

    23. Rebecca Says:

      Yes please

    24. John Says:

      i want some may i have 2 one for me and one for my brother. Mail boss is the best

    25. john Says:

      so can i get a mail box stess ball the for free?

    26. john Says:

      can i please have a stress ball? pretty please

    27. Randy Says:

      are you guys still giving out balls??

    28. Kristen Says:

      Hi guys! I am a Preschool Teacher and I love a stress ball please!!!!

    29. Kristen Says:

      Hi guys! I work as a Preschool Teacher and I would love a stress ball please!!!!!

    30. Elaina Conard Says:

      I would love a stress ball. if you guys are still giving them away.

    31. Elaina Conard Says:

      idk if my last comment posted just wondering if you are still giving the stress balls away

    32. Lauren Says:

      Please send me two stress balls, thank u so much!!

    33. Brigitte Says:

      Free Stress ball/s please!

    34. MailBoss Says:

      Please email us your address to

    35. Tanya Says:

      I would love to have one of these for my special needs students.

    36. MailBoss Says:

      Please email us your shipping address at and we’ll get one out to you!

    37. daniel baldwin Says:

      I want a free stess ball pzz

    38. Jennifer Says:

      I’d love a free stress ball please.

    39. MailBoss Says:

      Hi Jennifer, shoot us an email at with your shipping address and we’ll get one out to you.

    40. Correia Says:

      i’d love a free stress ball! are there any left?

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