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Security Products

Investing in security products is investing in peace of mind. We believe it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to create a truly secure product for their customers; however, that is not always the reality. In this section, we feature some other quality security products — in addition to the Mail Boss, of course — that consumers may like!

How to Prevent Identity Theft

Post Time-Date 05-04-2008 | Author by Nick | Category Category Mail & Identity Theft, Security Products | 1 Comment »
Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft with these Easy Steps Most of us would like to live in a place where identity theft was not relevant. Unfortunately for us, there is no place this secure. There are several steps you can take no matter where you live in order to avoid being victimized from by identity theft.

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Why Steel?

Post Time-Date 05-03-2008 | Author by John | Category Category FAQs, Mail Boss Features, Security Products | 1 Comment »
Steel Mailboxes Offer Superior Quality and Security The best material to use in a true security locking mailboxes is heavy-duty galvanized powder-coated steel. When you really think about it, this is no surprise. When is the last time you saw an aluminum or plastic bank vault? Have you ever heard a manufacturer of safes or locks taut the security virtues of aluminum or plastic? Of course not. Many so called “security locking mailboxes” are made of thin (18-22 gauge) metal, aluminum, and even plastic...

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