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How to Purchase the Mail Manager in Hawaii

Mail Manager ships to Hawaii for just $8 on Often residents of Alaska and Hawaii have to pay exorbitant shipping fees just to get the same products that people in the continental US can get with Free Shipping. Earlier this year, we found a workaround for Alaska residents wanting to purchase Mail Boss mailboxes. […]

Mail Manager Bulk Buy Testimonial

After KOMO 4 featured a Haller Lake community that arranged a Mail Manager bulk buy to prevent mail theft, we had an influx of other requests for large volume orders in the greater Seattle the area. One such inquiry came from Francis in North Seattle. She arranged an order of 44 Mail Manager for her […]

Curbside Comparison: Ease of Installation

Ease of installation, quite simply, refers to how easy your mailbox is to install. Here is a comparison of ease of mailbox installation for Mail Boss curbside mailboxes: Mail Boss mailboxes can be installed on a wood post, a metal post, a Mail Boss post, a wood plank, in a column, or in a variety […]

Photo: Baseball Bat Proof Mail Manager

Chris from Indiana shared this photo of his Mail Manager installation: He raves, “Protected against theft AND mailbox baseball!” Indeed!

Curbside Comparison: Mail Storage Capacity

Mail storage capacity refers to how much mail a mailbox can hold without being “full” so that no more mail can be deposited. Of course, the amount of time that it takes for a mailbox to be full depends on a number of factors, including the volume as well as the type (catalogs, parcels, etc.) […]

Mail Manager Now $139

Mail Manager, the newest curbside locking mailbox from Mail Boss, has been so popular among customers, we’re making more than ever before. Now, with the larger order volumes, we are able to offer the Mail Manager for a new low price of $139 online. That’s a $10 savings over the original price of $149. Thank […]

Photo: Mail Manager in Greenlake

Here’s a photo of the Mail Manager mailbox outside a home in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle.

Mail Manager on Sale in Orscheln

Starting today, the Mail Manager curbside security mailbox is on sale in all Orscheln Farm & Home locations. The promotional price of $84.99 is valid through August 3, 2014.

Curbside Comparison: Vandal Resistance

The Mail Boss curbside mailboxes offer superior protection against mailbox vandalism. Vandal resistance depends on strength and durability of construction, and innovation of design.

Curbside Comparison: Tool Fishing Resistance

This article compares the MailBoss curbside mailboxes in terms of tool fishing resistance; mailbox fishing can involve a prong or other device to steal from a locked mailbox.